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10 ‘Must Do’ Things Before Leaving Your Country

by travellingsands

10 Must Do Things

While you are away on holiday, there are certain things that you must do in advance so that your travel is not interrupted. First, the advance arrangements pertaining to your trip.

Second, the issues that need prior coordination in your home country while you are away.

Based on my practical experience, I have listed out the Top 10 ‘Must Do’ things that need to be coordinated before you embark on the voyage.


Destination Specific Things

Credit Cards

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Call up your bank and credit card company and info them about your trip and ask for activation of international transactions for that specific period. You may have to access your internet banking account, withdraw money using a debit card or use your credit card. You can also use a Transferwise card that offers free withdrawal of cash in 40 foreign currencies at a time


Mobile Service

Contact your mobile service provider and get only ‘SMS ‘receipt service activated so that you receive your OTP and transaction alerts.


Emergency Assistance

Ask for and note down emergency assistance numbers of bank, credit cards, travel insurance, Indian Embassy and local contacts in Thailand if any.


Staying Connected With Home

Have a nano-SIM slot available to load your Thai 4G sim for seamless connectivity. You can use WhatsApp for calls to India and within Thailand.


Staying Connected at Host Country

Install ‘Line’ in addition to WhatsApp as most locals in Thailand use it like we use WhatsApp in India. WhatsApp is also used by Thailand tourist industry.


Advance Booking of Services

Try to book and pay for services like Accommodation, Entry Tickets to certain attractions while in India itself to avoid carrying around too much of cash while in Thailand. Day tours can be booked in situ as bargaining is possible.


Travel Insurance

It is advisable to obtain Travel Insurance from any reputed company in your country along with Covid-19 add on. For detailed info check out the insurance aggregators like Policy Bazaar, Coverfox etc


Things to Coordinate Back Home


Covid 19 Related

Get yourself fully vaccinated, obtain a digital certificate that is recognized internationally and link the same to your passport. Keep adequate copies of the same. Pack masks, sanitizers and emergency medication.


Suspension of Services

Suspend services of DTH Connections, clear all pending credit card, mobile, landline and EMI dues so that you do not miss the deadlines while on holiday.


Security of Home and Pet

Ask a close friend or relative to keep a watch on your home while you are away. You can also entrust a security agency to provide security cover to your home/premises during your absence.

I have installed IP based CCTV in my home and I can monitor it anywhere from the world using an android app. You may like to entrust your pet with a Pet Care Centre. It is a good idea to inform the local Police about your absence.


Disconnection of Gadgets/ Equipments

Disconnect LPG cylinders, TV/Home Theatre/DTH/Geyser and other gadgets from wall sockets. Ensure all doors and windows are secure, cars in parking area are locked and covered.


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