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Top 10 Reasons Why I Prefer AirBnB To Hotels

by travellingsands

What is AirBnB ?

Before I tell you the Top 10 Reasons Why I prefer AirBnB to Hoels, let me tell you something about the concept of AirBnB first

AirBnB is a platform that is spreading like wild fire. In this, people like you and me rent out space in own home to like minded travellers and earn some income. The whole operation is moderated and guaranteed by the aggregator AirBnB. As a traveller, I get to stay in someone’s home.

This comes with comfort, convenience and better suitability for a family stay when compared to hotels. What I like the most is getting loads of local information and insider tips from the host. This often helps me to see offbeat places, shop like a local and get better value for my money. AirBnB’s robust verification system ensures safety and reliability for both hosts and guests.

Top 10 Reasons Why I Prefer AirBnB To Hotels


Spacious Homes for Family and Friends

1.         Hotel rooms more or less have the same cramped design and layout and hence boring and feel claustrophobic.  AirBnB homes offer lots of space and flexibility, just like your own den.


Feeling @ Home with AirBnB

2.          AirBnb provides us an opportunity to stay in someone’s home with all the creature comforts including space, amenities and freedom that a hotel can never offer.


Quality Of Service

3.          In Thailand, many properties are run by enterprising Thai families and even European expats. I have personally seen that their quality and services are as per international standards. Many seasoned travelers prefer them due to the excellent communication, impeccable standards and of course most speak English. In fact, AirBnB is making the conventional hotels sweat a lot of late.



4.          The nightly prices of the AirBnB apartments are very economical especially when you travel as a family or group. Discounts are also offered for stays upwards of min 7 days. If you are a family of four, a hotel will force you into two rooms when AirBnB gives you a full fledged home at a fraction of the cost.


Facilities offered by AirBnB homes

5.          As kitchen, cooking range, crockery/cutlery, refrigerator, washing machine etc are often available, taking care of kids/senior citizens is much easier than in a hotel.


Self Cooking Option

6.          Being Indians it is natural for us to start missing our Karahi Paneer or Rajmah Chawal or Upma within a day in a foreign country. So carry some ready to eat Indian food and cherish it for dinner or breakfast when you fall homesick. A quick fix breakfast like this or bread/butter/jam with eggs lets you get ready quickly and gives additional time for sightseeing.

Since such accommodations are located in fully residential areas, you can find all utility stores, small shopping and even street food at cheaper rates few hundren metres around.


Premium Amenities

7.          While Swimming Pool, Gym and Spa are only available in 4/5 star hotels, AirBnB flats are often located in posh residential complexes with all these facilities and more at no additional cost.


Easy Transportation Options

8.          Being located in residential areas excellent commuting facilities like Metro, TukTuk and Cabs are available round the clock and are safe too. So, you get to travel cheap and convenient, just like a local.


Authentic Local Experience

9.          Staying in a purely local atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of touristy areas gives you an authentic experience of the life and culture of the people. Also you can get lots of tips and get to taste authentic food too. This kind of authentic local experience can not be given by the ‘Package Tours’ in which people are often herded like school children on an educational excursion.


Ease of Payment

10.          The payment is in Your Home Currency. So, you don’t have to cater for Foreign Currency and pay using your domestic card or netbanking.


So, go ahead and register using this link in AirBnB and get a stay credit of Rs 2200 on your first stay in AirBnB!


Here is an AirBnB home in Bangkok where we have stayed in the last trip. Click the link to see the property

Santuary House, Bangkok

Sanctuary House, Bangkok

Here is another in Pattaya that we enjoyed staying in, The Five-O-Pattaya.

Five O Pattaya

Five O Pattaya

Five'O Condo, Pattaya

Five’O Condo, Pattaya

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