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Cheap and Best Options to Stay Connected On Mobile Phone While in Thailand

by travellingsands

4G Mobile SIM in Thailand


Indian or Thailand SIM ?

Staying connected on mobile phone while in Thailand is the next thing to food, water and shelter to a modern human being. Although one would like to take an Indian SIM and use it in Thailand, the exorbitant call and messaging rates make that idea a strict no-no.

But do not worry, I shall give you the cheapest and most effective way to have seamless connectivity while visiting your favourite beach in Pattaya or Phuket. Read further to know my useful tips to use mobile phone while in Thailand.


Why You Need An Indian SIM

Firstly, the Indian sim. It is very much needed for a very important function apart from calling, receiving OTP. As most of us use net-banking, when you are abroad and want to make an online payment or access your account in an emergency, you must be in a position to receive OTP on your Indian sim.

So, without activating the international roaming call/net service, just contact your customer care and activate international message receiving service @~ Rs 150. Please remember to deactivate this service once you return to India.


Why Thai SIM is a Must

Now the Thailand SIM. You will need a Thailand SIM with 4G for Google map, Cab booking, Communication with cab driver, hotel, tour operator etc as well as within your travel group. And of course, WhatsApp calling back home. So, buying a local sim is very essential to use your mobile phone while in Thailand.

There are many operators with short term tourist sim offering a wide range of services. I have used all the three shown below and would rate AIS as best and coming next. Although all the three services are at par in Bangkok and cities, the real difference can be seen in remote beaches and islands where AIS and Trumov gave excellent voice and 4G connectivity in Koh Lanta and some nearby islands. Either go for the 8 or 15 day option for THB 299/599 respectively.


Where to Buy ?

Outlets of all three services are located before Gate no 3 (arrival) of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport and all you have to do is to present a copy of passport and the required cash at the counter. It takes about a minute to get the sim activated. They even provide you with sim ejecting pins so that you can get the sim loaded and proceed to book your cab using the Grab app before you exit the terminal.

In case you are unable to get a SIM in airport, you can always buy such SIMs in the ‘7Eleven’ stores found in every nook and corner of the country. You just have to hand over a copy of your passport first and last pages at the payment counter along with the payment.

You can also book online and collect the SIm in airport or many of the designated locations.


Which Service is Best

I have used all the three company services listed below and have listed them in the same order. My first choice is AIS and then come the rest. On one instance I could call my hotel from mid-sea while I was returning from a 4 Island Tour off Koh Lanta. Trumov is also good for your mobile phone & apps while in Thailand.





Tourist SIM

Tourist SIM


DTAC SIM for mobile phone while in Thailand

DTAC SIM for mobile phone while in Thailand

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