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Cost Analysis of Your Dream Trip To Thailand

by travellingsands

How Much Will It Cost?

The main criteria of a foreign holiday is the cost. To give you an idea, I have made a typical cost analysis for an Indian family of 2 Adults and two children in their teens for 4 nights and 5 days. Kolkata is my favourite departure airport as the cheapest fares are from Kolkata most of the time. Read below to know how much your Dream Trip to Thailand will cost.

Even Bhubaneswar and Vishakhapatnam also see low fares. Of course, you are free to choose an airport that is nearer to you that may be more cost and time effective.


Approx Rs 10000 per head (Rs 40000) for a Bangkok return ticket. (SpiceJet, Indigo and AirAsia)(this could be reduced by 10% if you plan the departure city and season well) AirAsia has dirt-cheap fares during the sale.

However, only cabin baggage of 7kg is free and check-in baggage will cost you extra

Cost of Thailand Visa On Arrival

VOA on normal channel is 2000 Thai Baht per head (Check the current exchange rate here. Read my detailed guide on Thailand Visa On Arrival

Thailand has opened up for international tourists from October 1, 2022 without any restrictions

Stay Expenses

Accommodation on AirBnB condominium with working Kitchen (@Rs 2000- Total Rs 8000)( This also could be reduced by detailed search however you may have to compromise on certain comforts)


Daily Meals (mostly street food) – (750 THBx4x5=15000 THB ie Rs 33000) # could be cheaper if you stick to Pad Thai, Fried Rice, Chicken Sticks, fruits and juices etc.

Moving Around

Daily Transportation Metro/Taxi/TukTuk/Ferry 1000 THBx5 days ~ Rs 11000) For online booking of Bus/Van/Taxi/Ferry and flights within Thailand, register using this link. 

Sight Seeing and Shopping

Entry Tickets/Sightseeing/entertainment/shopping THB 15000(Rs 33000)


Say Approx Rs 1.8 lac ( 45000 per head) with VOA Free.

Note : The above cost is only to give you an idea. The actual cost may vary based on the type of travel and comfort levels one seeks. In the case of backpackers who may like staying in hostels and move around by foot, the cost could be even a fraction of the above illustration. Message me below for help in planning your Dream Trip to Thailand.

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