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Do You Know How To Buy Bread And Milk in Thailand?

by travellingsands

Local Names and Costs* of Daily Need items in Thailand

Hi there, hope you are finding my posts useful. You guys are already aware that I am a proponent of self-planned holidays. So, it would be apt for me to introduce you to some ‘daily use’ items you may need while in Thailand. And the most heartening thing is that all you need is just around the corner. Yes, 7 Eleven is a chain of supermarkets having stores in every nook and corner of Thailand. Everything, from Bakery, Beverages, Dairy, packed meat, cosmetics and even SIM cards are available here. So, go ahead and get familiar with this little list I have made for you.. I have also added a few cooked food choices as I feel one can survive just by sourcing them from street vendors. Believe you me, they are of great taste and hygienic too. After reading this post you will be more qualified than to buy just bread and milk.


1. Plain Bread (Khanompaang) THB 37 – 60 ($ 1.14 – 1.8)

bread loaf

Bread Loaf

Common bread comes in various sizes and qualities. I have given the price range of the most common loaf of bread weighing around a pound and available in Seven 11. You can also find flavoured and stuffed bread too.

Plain Milk (Nom Thombanaa) 1Litre THB 45 ($ 1.35)

plain milk

Nom Thombana

I still remember our hunt for the mst common thing one would look for when kids are around, Milk. Whoever we asked for about where plain milk is available, we were directed to places which sell small tetra pack ‘flavoured’ milk. Then we realised that plain dairy milk is available in a different name. Finally and thankfully a granny in a mom-and-pop-shop, took out this and said, ‘Nom Thombana’. Well that was our small ‘Eureka’ Moment.

Eggs per Dozen (Khaai) THB 40 – 80 as per size ($ 1.2- 2.5)


The search for eggs was a it more easier however we could not decide which ones to pick up. It was quite funny to see pink and purple coloured eggs, which, we could not understand. So, we settled with the regulr white eggs to ensure our next day’s breakfast.

Butter 100gm (Noi) THB 45 ($ 1.4)


Jam 200 gm (Yaem) THB 60 – 80 ($ 1.8 -2.4)


Jam is one of our most loved Thai food accompaniment. Not without reasons, though. The colourful variety of Jams available in any store is truuly amazing. And the taste is what our kids would die for. S0, I recommend you pick up a bottle of exotic jam in Thailand, and do not eat it. Well, it was on a lighter vein.

Sugar (Nataal) 1 Kg THb 30 ($ 1)


Although the picture shows sugar cubes, what I am actually referring to is plain gain sugar. To be frank I was not even knowing that I am going to cover it in a post that I never clicked the actual pics at Seven 11. All the pics in this post are from Pixabay.com and the original manufacturers of the brands. I thank them for the same.

Tea bags (Thung Chaa)100 gm THB 65 ($ 2)

Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea

Tea comes in all hues and flavours in Thailand. The common tea bag is what I have listed here. However, you can pick up some exotic flavoured tea like Jasmine or Camomile for around THB 200 per 250 gm.

Bananas 12 (Kluwie) THB 25 – 40 as per size ($ 0.8 – 1.2)


The awesome varieties of Banana available in Thailand is something that needs to be seen to be believed. The most common cavendish sells for about THB 40 per dozen. However, we have even got a dozen of small and tastier fruit for THB 10 in the interiors if Thailand. To be precise, on our road trip to Koh Lanta.

Sandwich (Sandwip) THB 100 – 150 ($ 3-4)



Water Bottle (Khuwad Naem) 1Litre THB 15 ($ 0.5)

Bottled drinking water is available almost everywhere. If you are a budget traveller and want to save some money, then read on. There a number of water ATMs placed in strategic locations. Just for an One Baht coin you get a litre of RO water. So, keep empty bottles with you and keep filling them up as you go.

Pad Thai THB 100 – 150 ($ 3-4)

pad thai

Pad Thai

Pad Thai should be declared the official dish of Thailand. But wait, you will be surprised to know it has been invented for tourists and the local daily meal does not consist of it. Nevertheless, this is a yummy combination of meat, spices, rice and noodles cooked in Thai spices and dressed with celery, as per the ingenuity of the cook. This is the cheapest and filling dish for a backpacker.

Fried Rice (Khaw Phad) THB 100 – 150 ($ 3-4)

thai fried rice

khaw phaad

Fried Rice is the most common dish in all of South Asia and Thailand is not an exception. this simple yet tasty dish consists of staemed rice stir fried with cooked meat, spices,pungent sauces and dressing with spring onions. It is again very cheap and filling.

Noodles (Kuwaitiuw) THB 100 – 150 ($ 3-4)



Noodles do not need any introduction at all. The only difference in the Thai noodles is that the string of noodles are flat in shape when compared to the regular cylindrical form of Chinese ones.

Chang Beer 300ml THB 32 ( $ 1)

Chang Beer

Chang Beer

Coca Cola 300 ml THB 36 ($ 1.2)


Fresh Fruit Juice 200ml THB 20 – 40 ($  0.5 – 1.3)

fruit juice

Thailand’s tropical climate and abundant sun shine has resulted in an explosion of good quality fruits and vegetables. The large assortment of fresh fruits and juices available is not to be missed out. One can even survive on a diet of just fruits and juices.

Fresh Cut Fruits THB 20 – 40 ($ 0.5 – 1.3)


Cut Fruits

The cut pineapple availabe from street vendors has often been our favourite buy when on walking tours and beach escapades.

Chicken (Kye) Sticks THB 10-20 ($ 0. 31 – 0.60)


Chicken Sticks

The Thai street food scene is filled with such chicken snacks that are yummy and economical. Above shown are chicken sticks, chunks of spiced chicken deep fried in oil. They taste good and are found almost everywhere.

Mutton (Nuu Kae) THB 100 – 150 ($ 3-4)


Mutton Rice

Fish (Plaa) Roasted THB 150-200 ($ 3-4)


Roasted Fish

Roasted fish is the standard item found in the Thai foodscape. There are hundreds of varieties of sea food available for every pocket size.

Pork (Neu Moo) THB 100 – 150 ($ 3-4)

pork and rice

Pork and Rice

South East Asia, is generalluy caracterised by the culture of pork eating. Except for some countries where pork is avoided for religious reasons, the most common meat protein comes from pork. The innumerable permutations and combinations available in pork dishes are a delight for pork eaters.

Petrol/Gasoline (Benseen) 1 Litre THB 60 ($1.85)


* Prices are approximate and subject to change. Prices cheaper as you move away from Bangkok and touristy places. I have found buffet meals at THB 50, 12 Bananas/1 Pineapple at an unbelievable price of 10 THB in rural areas.So, take these prices as indicative only. I thank Ms May of Ban Sala Dan, Koh Lanta for updating the latest prices of certain items.

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