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8 Tips & Tricks for an Enjoyable Stay in AirBnB

by travellingsands

Making The Most of AirBnB


How about learning my personal tips & tricks for an enjoyable stay in  AirBnB ? I have already listed out the advantages of staying in an AirBnB home Vs Hotel room. If you are new to the concept of AirBnB, read this article first.  Top 10 Reasons Why I Prefer AirBnB To Hotels

To make it easy for first-timers, I have also added the  Insider’s Guide for Easy Booking of AirBnB Home in Bangkok

Now, go ahead and read my well-researched Tips and Tricks that will help you in getting the best out of your stay.


It is Someone’s Home

First and foremost,  remember that it is someone’s home. So treat it with all the care and respect you would show to your own home. You can just be yourself with own family around in a different environment altogether. Trust me, after a night’s stay you would start feeling as if you are in your own home. That’s the uniqueness if AirBnB.

Chit Chats With The Host Help

Be in constant touch with the Host through the AirBnB app or WhatsApp so that all the stay is well coordinated. There could be small issues like location of the power switch, availability of RO water etc for which the host can be contacted through social media. Good communication always helps.

A Gesture to Remember

It is an often followed gesture to take a small inexpensive souvenir for the host to make her remember you and the country you came from. I have been gifting my hosts small marble idols of Lord Ganesh from India, which find a place of respect in their homes thereafter. Even today we keep in touch and remain friends with my AirBnB hosts.


Politeness in Dealings

Be polite to ask for anything you may need or even reporting an issue. Thai people are extremely polite and would expect the same from us too. My hosts have been more than willing to make me comfortable. One of my hosts Evan from Sanctuary House, Bangkok even carried my heavy baggage.

In another trip, my daughter became good friends with the little cute baby of Kris Olsson of Five’O Condo, Pattaya. We still thankfully remember Kris and his family for running around and getting our tours booked at a nice discount.

Santuary House, Bangkok

Sanctuary House, Bangkok

Priceless Local Info

Many of my hosts have even helped me book my local tours, given insider tips & Tricks for shopping and even offered to teach Thai cooking. It all depends how we interact with them. This bonhomie is the most important in the AirBnB experience.

Once, a host told me about the local Bangkok BRT Bus No 56, which has a circular route covering a number of tourist attractions. It was quite amazing to know that with a THB 5 ticket purchased once, one can hop on and hop off any number of times during the day. Do you think a tourist operator or a Tuk Tuk wala ever share this info with you?

Keep it Spic and Span

Although a cleaning fee is included in the booking, it is customary to clean up all your mess and leave the property in the condition as it was offered to you. This will help the host post a good review about you and it matters a lot as a traveller in the long run.

Dealing With Damages

In case of any inadvertent damage to the host’s property, you must inform the host then and there and offer to adequately compensate her for the same. If any un-compensated damages are reported by the host to AirBnB it could cost your reputation as a traveler.

Social Etiquettes

As such flats are often located in a housing society, any disturbance caused to other people living there could embarrass your host. In extreme cases you could even be expelled from there. Hence, keep the noise level to the minimum and ensure no disturbance is caused to the residents by your group, especially kids.

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