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Clever Hack for The Cheapest Air Ticket

by travellingsands

Why Look For Cheap Tickets

 Air Tickets form the most expensive part of your Cost Analysis of Your Dream Trip To Thailand  As Winter and/Spring are considered peak season, the planning needs to be started at least a few months earlier in order to avail cheaper air tickets. In this post I will teach you how to get the most economical air tickets with my clever hacks.

Which Airlines To Book

 Major Indian carriers like Air India, Indigo and SpiceJet operate flights from almost all major cities in India. Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines and Srilankan also operate flights from major Indian cities.  Newer low cost operators like Scoot and Malindo Air offer attractive promotional offers from cities like Jaipur, Trichirapalli and Amritsar too.Flights Ex Kolkata tend to be the cheapest while Chennai, Trichy, Vizag and Bhubaneswar also somewhat cheaper.


Online Search for Best Fares

To search for best available offers use aggregator websites like Skyscanner, Momondo and Google Flights which give an idea as to the cheapest fares available from various cities. If you want to check and book local flights and other transportation like Ferry, Van, Bus etc this is an all in one link for all bookings in one place. Here is a sample search on Skyscanner, Momondo and Google Flights.

Sky Scanner

PC Skyscanner




PC Momondo



Google Flights

PC Google

Quick Tip : Rates tend to differ from portal to portal. So, you may like to search in different ones for the best possible rate.

(Picture Credits – IndiGo, SkyScanner, Momondo, Google

My favorite to book Flight, Train, Bus, Ferry and Cab – all in one place


Cheapest Ticket Vs Most Convenient

I would recommend you to not only look for the cheapest ticket, but also the other variables.  Check in baggage limit, no of stops and travel duration are all going to matter. For example, AirAsia may give you an unbelievably low fare## however would charge extra for check in baggage which is a lot. While IndiGo and Spicejet have a free 20kg allowance, full service carriers like JetAirways and Air India give you the luxury of 30 kg. All the above give a free 7kg cabin baggage though. So it is advisable to weigh the options with respect to all the above factors and choose the most economical and convenient option.

## Sometimes even search portals and Online Travel Agents (OTA) like MakeMyTrip, GoToGate etc show ridiculously low fares however they could be at times un realistic on account of very short lay over, terminal change, transit Visa requirements, odd timings, more than 2 stops, unreliable airlines etc. So, ‘cheapest’ tickets do come with riders. I would recommend that you take all the above into consideration before you book your ticket. My recommendation is ‘Go for the most economical fare after taking into the above into consideration rather than blindly hunt for the ‘cheapest’ one, especially if you are not a rugged back packer.


For Government Servants Availing LTC

If  you are a Govt servant availing, LTC, you can club it with the international travel. Say, you are posted in Delhi and have found the cheapest ticket to Bangkok from Kolkata. By choosing  Kolkata as your LTC destination would save you a lot of money. Only thing to note is that the timings of the LTC leg needs to be dovetailed into the foreign travel leg so that you have adequate time to catch the international flight. Also keep in mind no night stay in Kolkata is involved in order to maximize the savings. As I have said earlier that Bhubaneswar (BBI), Vishakhapatnam (VTZ), Chennai (MAA) and Trichirapalli (TRZ)  often figure in the cheap fare offers, you may plan in a similar fashion, should you find cheap fares from there.

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