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About Me

About Me

I have travelled within India and abroad with my husband  and  children for many years now. Since long, I  have fallen  in  love with travelling.

My   husband’s  career  has  taken  me  to  scores  of  remote  and  beautiful  places  that are yet to be explored by travellers.

I  have always  wanted   to   share  snippets   of   my  journeys  and  life  changing  experiences  with   travel enthusiasts  as  well  as  budding  travellers. This I think will enable  them  experience  the  fulfilling and addictive pleasure of travelling,  learn  and  enrich  their  lives. 

This  aim of mine gave  birth to this blog, Travelling Sands,  Live the lapse of time…..

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A special thanks to Covid 19 warriors around the globe for their selfless efforts and sacrifices in keeping us safe !


R Maheswari – Swamy

Contact me at [email protected]

  • As I am a new blogger who’s trying get a foothold in this sphere, I would be grateful if you could help me improve this blog by posting your suggestions. I am striving to improve my old posts and add new content. So, it is an ongoing journey for me! Thanks for visiting!

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